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The Clan of Honor and Pride...
Wallpaper of choice: Predator/AVP
Skin of choice: Whichever looks best stretched across our Clan's dwelling ;)
Welcome to the Predator Club, enter at risk of loosing head (literally).


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:pointr: September 13, 2010 :new:
new members!!
:iconastralwatcher: :iconxenoxiao010: :iconcartoonfool: :iconresidentevilgirl13: :iconsonadow66: :iconrendmc: :iconjasmo: :iconedopunkrock: :iconginstar3: :iconraf-erem: :iconfiji-fujii: :icontheroyalpredator: :iconstraydemon: :iconuratz-studios: :iconflamiathedemon: :iconxenopreddragon: :icontigersan:

Hey guys...2 years since I've updated! I think I need to give this club to someone who can give it a lot more love and attention that I can. Please note Madam-Sparkz if you are interested. I feel awful for neglecting a club I love. But life doesn't allow my to take care if it.

Please note me. :)

:pointr: April 24, 2008
:iconmadam-sparkz: - We got quite a few more members! I'm glad the AVP genre and fandom is growing, not shrinking! :)

:iconbrawlbuddy: :iconbboys56: :iconsizarieldor: :iconrasta-art: :iconitmon: :icongodsmack67: :iconmiladyhiakara: :iconguyverman: :iconchibilombax: :iconyuna-yume: :iconytwars:

With the release of AVP:R, I hope our discussion section will pick up. And I've heard rumors that if the Brother's who directed AVP:R decide to do a sequel, it'll take place in outer space....just like the comics!

Let us know if you've heard any rumors about another AVP movie...I know I'd love to hear them. Please post them in our discussion section.

:pointr: Jan. 19, 2008
:iconmadam-sparkz: - Another long awaited update - sorry for the delay. But never worry - you're Matriarch still is very proud and serious about her clan. ;)

Here are more members, fresh and ready for anything!
:iconvampirika: :iconlunardarknight: :icondarkari: :iconrothmir:

And I'm going to reiterate what I said in the last entry:
:bulletgreen: Please do not fav/comment on the club's gallery. These artists here are only posting their work here to share thair love for Predators/Yautja's. They want to show what they can do, and then lead you back to their original piece and their DA page. Commenting and faving here does not give them the recognition they deserve...and leaves hundreds of messages I have to clear out. It takes up too much space and takes up too much time.

I really don't like repeating myself guys...this is unfair to the people who contribute to this club if their original work doesn't recieve the credit you're giving it. Please!

And of course ... Aliens Vs. Predator: Reqiuem! Please let me know what you thought of it!! I am making a special journal dedicated to the movies that have been coming out, so please post and show your support for the whole AVP franchise! And it wouldn't hurt to gloat about how awesome us Predators are... ;)

I will laso be moving the members list to it's own separate journal. This will make updating easier for me and it saves you some scrolling!


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Where to find our clan...BEWARE! Stumbling upon an unsuspecting Yautja can be a very dangerous thing...sometimes it's best not to go looking for trouble...

:skull: the-predator-club.deviantart.c… :skull:


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CHIVA![Contests]: the-predator-club.deviantart.c…

NAIN-DESINTYE-DE[Contest Victors]: the-predator-club.deviantart.c…


:greenprobe: -How to Join- :greenprobe:

~ Send a note of request to either Madam-Sparkz , leggo , or predator-ellie . This is the only way to join this club.

~ Do NOT leave a comment on our main page, or journal, asking to join. It will be ignored!

:greenprobe: -RULES- :greenprobe:

1. Respect each other. No stabbing/decapitating/bashing/etc. You must play nice!
2. You must :heart: Predators/Yautjas.
3. Keep a clean and civil tongue, or else we'll remove it.
4. DevWATCH us to keep up with the annoucements and submissions.
5. DO NOT touch the messages, notes, journals, or make favorites in this club. It's the owner's job to maintain the journals, and DA says clubs can't have favorites.
6. Spread news of us in either your journal or signiture. :icon the-predator-club: without the spaces, or :dev the-predator-club: without the spaces. Show your Predator Pride!
7. Most importantly of all...DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD!!

:pointr: Behave and respect the rules, otherwise we will hunt you down. :pointl:


:star: :a: :r: :t: :star:

:greenprobe: -To Submit Art- :greenprobe:

1. Send a note to either :iconmadam-sparkz:, :iconpredator-ellie:, or :iconleggo: requesting the password for art submission. You must submit artwork yourself.
2. When you sumbit work, please make sure you put your icon in the description. Keep the description clean, and try to keep the pictures in the PG-13 range. This is the PREDATOR club, so gore and violence is expected, but please don't go over board. We don't really want the Admins here on DA on our ass.
3. Please remember to fav/comment on the original deviations, on the artists' home page. It means much more to the artists. They usuallly have a link to it in the description.

:pointr: If you can't follow these instructions, we may have to disembowl you :pointl:


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A place to discuss The Ooman's movies...if we like how they have portrayed us, or how angered we are by what they've done!

Movie under discussion: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Go here to discuss! = the-predator-club.deviantart.c…


Thank you for visiting our clan... :bow:


:iconavpalternative: :iconanime-horrorclub: :iconhorror-forever: :iconpredatorclub2005: :iconstargateatlantisclub: :iconthe-bizarre-bazaar:


The Founders of the wonderful club:
:icondarth-ambzilla: - :iconthe-apprentice:

:pointr: All Predator facts and language is taken from this site:… Go check it out, it's great for those who wanna find out more about the culture :pointl:


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PredatorTracker Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Predators are awesome and are better than xenomorphs. AVP is one of my favorite movies too. I know every type of predator & Xenomorph.
XenoPredDragon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This club really needs to convert into a group. :groups:
Boshudi Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Professional General Artist
Youtja CAN NOT breast feed! form follows function so what is the explanation for how they get food as a baby and why are they being drawn with breasts? I was part of this club but I don't agree with some of this anatomy. Doesn't anyone know how to invent alien anatomy? ...Used to be boznic BTW.
YautjaVasquez Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011
The Thing vs. Xenos and Preds
JustAnotherFurryNerd Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i join i love AVP and Preds so plz i have wached all the pred movies 2 of the aliens ones and have both AVP movies on dvd plz
lionback Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
can I add my two pennath, firstly the origanal predator in my opinion is by far the best, thats including the new gang that are in the predators movie. as was commented before this predator was far more safisticated in every way. in the production values and if you study the consept I dont buy in to the : he was a young predator!. he or indeed she or it... as we dont know how sex or reproduction works in there species. I belive that the femails run the show on there home world, not like the Alien Queen but more of a Amazon like suciety. thats why all these rutting mails spend ther time fighting the terrors of the universe. the femails must be impressed by trofys. I would like to suggest that they are very scary looking and not humanised at all. in the film universe humans are the baddest thing out there! because were cunning , violent and trible. having said that the Praws in District-9 could be the baddest of all if propely motivated. Im not in to the AVP movies and apart from Alien, Aliens and the exstended version of Alien3, the rest are garbage( sorry) but thats my opinion. yes a senario between the Prawns and the Predators exsites me very much but I dont think it should happon any more than Darth Vader turning up and swinging his light sabure around and using the force against them. the Predator films should involve humans and new creatures in the Romen style arena consept or hunting in War situations such as Afganistan or any wor we as humans have had... My hunch is the predators can time hop... thats a cool idea,they can pop up in any time ard course havok. it would exsplain misterys or war such as. teams going missing, plains ships or how battles seem to be won against all the odds. Im rambeling a bit now so to end this comment. the very best Predator is the first on. Sadlt now the Master monster maker Stan Winston has passed Im not hopefull that the attention to detail or the reality it needs to bring these charectors to life properly, withought the bull that all the others have with pointless weapons such as the throwing disk or that weapon stolen from the film Krull, the blade frisby lol. dont all jump down my neck but is Ridly Scott gave the Predator comsept his FULL atention then we would all have the movie we dream ove... thanks for giving my thoughts attention and coping with my terible spelling (forgive) last word: wot is the collective word fore a small group of Predators??? my suggestion is a MURDER... :-)
boznic Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
I agree with you about the first pred being superior. The production was also a true classic all around. I need to get it on blue ray soon, BTW, Star Wars Trilogies and Harry potter trilogies out next year!! But anyway, I suggest YOU make a Predator script because you like to type, you have good insights, just use a spell check! :)
Darkf0rgd Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should convert this page into a real dA group. I'd love to join.
LOVETODRAW97 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010   Digital Artist
have you heard about the new predator movie with robert rodreigus
brt93 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
Who is Black Super Predator.?
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